I often hear people sigh. There's a tradition about going to relatives. It's called "one generation of relatives, two representatives, three generations and four generations don't go." Such a phenomenon has existed since ancient times. I have some superficial opinions. The relationship between relatives and friends needs careful care. Relatives need to move around, friends need to frequent contact, need to pay. In addition to a very small number of interest relations, we should not pursue what we get, nor seek returns, nor move our minds to what we seek. It is a feeling to deal with the relationship between relatives and friends. When the relationship between relatives and friends is going on, there is no compensation. In work and life, I sometimes feel my independence and pride, but leave the sadness of friendship. In addition to the working relationship, there are not many relatives and friends I often contact. It seems that I can't keep a distance with relatives and friends, and I can't make friends with them, leaving the regret of family and friendship. Some people in the world are destined to be different. They are busy with their ambitions all day, but at the same time, they feel uneasy and entangled in loneliness because they don't have wonderful family and friendship. Don't attribute your loneliness to your own problems. If you want to develop yourself, develop your career, and maintain your own unique quality, you will inevitably neglect your family and friendship after all. It seems that you don't have enough heart and effort to get along well with your relatives and friends. For this reason, some people will go mad and fall into deep distress. In fact, this is not a life setback, after all, people can not be all inclusive.